National Breast Reconstruction Audit Published

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25 Aug 2011

The fourth annual report of the National Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction
is available to download from the NHS website.

The audit is a comprehensive study, covering all women over the age of
16 who undergo mastectomies or reconstructive surgery following previous
mastectomies in both public and private sectors.

It delivers wide-reaching conclusions, recording women’s responses to
surgery in terms of medical effectiveness, comfort and self-image. This leads
to recommendations, particularly to do with the facts and details given to
women before surgery, and their ability to make informed choices about their
own treatments. For example, 42 percent of women reported that a lack of
information led to them delaying reconstructive surgery. However, the overall
picture is encouraging, with 90 percent of women considering the car they
received to be excellent or very good.

The report also breaks down the data by individual hospital.

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