Reclaiming Lost Lashes

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27 Aug 2011

Sophie Beresiner is beauty editor for Look magazine.  In the Irish Independent this week, she talks about the way that treatment for breast cancer has affected her life and work. Sophie talks openly about everything from the trauma of getting a diagnosis to the practicalities of staying glamorous in a professional world that demands it…:

‘I’ll be honest, as a beauty editor and young woman (in cancer terms at least, 31 is young), how I look is of significant importance to me. Once I stopped feeling guilty that I was consumed with worry about being bald, I realised that, of course, I would worry. I am a woman; the effect on my looks is a tangible aspect of a runaway disease that I have zero control over.’

If you want to know more about the wonderful Sophie, her blog, Sophie Feels Better, is saved on our favourites list and always worth a read.

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