BBT was founded in 2006 by Sallie Floyed and Chrystalla Spire. They met whilst
both recuperating from surgery at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Fulham Road,

Chrystalla was having a bilateral mastectomy as part of her cancer treatment, and
Sallie was having her implants exchanged following her preventative mastectomy the
previous year.

Supported by their wonderful co-founder Carolyn Richmond, these tenacious ladies
set off on a mission to break the taboos surrounding radical breast surgery.

It can be a daunting prospect to face, to think about and to undergo, but these women
found on that Royal Marsden Hospital ward that, by sharing their experiences, fears
and tips that they were both not alone and could help each other.

No matter how remarkable the care from your hospital or the endless support of
friends and family, there is nothing quite like talking to someone who is going
through the same experience as you- and it was for this reason that the charity was set

These women and so many others are connected by what happened to them. So,
whether you’re looking for someone an to ask about a procedure before you undergo
surgery, a friend to talk things through with while you wait to see what the results will
be or a community to ask any other question you may have, this is the place to find

No matter how vast or tiny your thoughts feel, we want to give you a portal to
reach people who can understand your experiences and share their own with you.